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With a name like, ground expedite services might be the last thing you’d expect from us – but you’d be wrong.

As one of the leading third-party logistics providers (3PL) in the market today, has access to more than 50,000 vehicles of all types to get your ground expedite shipment anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Mexico. However, having the right vehicles is only part of the equation. People and planning are just as critical to getting your ground expedite from Point A to Point B on time safely and securely. That’s why at we provide concierge level personal service to each of our valued business partners. When you work with us, you won’t be routed to a giant call center, or passed from person to person so that you have to explain yourself over and over again. Your time and shipment are too important to us for that. 

What is Ground Expedite Service?

Let’s quickly look at what ground expedite service is and how ground expedite services from can be your complete logistics solution for all your same day and expedited shipping needs. You don’t even need an account to get started!

Ground expedite services from range from same day pickup and drop off, to only the ground delivery portion of a same day air charter. It can include just the first mile, the last mile, or everything in between. Despite its name, ground expedite isn’t simply about speed.

Ground Expedite Services

It means precision in delivery timing and continuous shipment visibility. By ensuring our business partners receive their orders exactly when expected, in addition to proactive tracking notifications for complete peace of mind, we protect their business’s reputation through on time performance. We handle all the details so you don’t have to.

Ground Expedite Services

Ground expedite is often standard in the automotive, manufacturing, energy, and pharmaceutical industries, where time-sensitive shipments are part of everyday business operations. But it’s also a valuable solution for small and mid-size companies across all industries that have time sensitive freight. When you need a way to ship freight outside of standard business hours or get it to its destination as fast as possible without necessarily having to fly, ground expedite is the answer.

Ground Expeditor

When you ship with, you’ll work with a single, experienced expeditor who will walk with you through the entire delivery process. We can often get a vehicle to you within 60 minutes of your call. Now that’s fast!

When you call us or order online, it is helpful to have this information ready beforehand so we can speed your shipment on its way:

  • Number of pallets – This helps narrow down the types of vehicles that work for your shipment.
  • Pallet dimensions – Is your shipment all one pallet size or are there multiple sizes?
  • Product/commodity – Is any special handling needed? Is it temperature controlled or include hazardous materials?
  • Total shipment weight – Helpful to have if you know it. Not a problem if you don’t. This is inclusive of pallets and packing material.
  • Shipment value – This determines the level of cargo insurance required, and possibly if hand-carry courier service or increased security are needed.
  • Origin and destination – We’ll need to know Point A and Point B.
  • Level of service – Ground expedite or otherwise, we will determine this based on your needed delivery date and recommend options accordingly.
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How it Gets There has many vehicle options for your ground expedite shipment. Of course if needs to fly, we take care of that too through our same day air charters. For ground support, our North American network of trucks and vans is standing by and ready to roll.

Same Day Air Team

We have an extensive range of transportation specialists who are able to move any sized freight safely and securely. Getting it there same day doesn’t work if your product or equipment is damaged, so we only use experienced personnel with the right equipment, every time. Over-sized loads or specialized equipment requirements don’t faze us in the least.

Cargo Vans

Cargo Vans

The average cargo van can carry two standard pallets up to 2,000 pounds. They generally do not have liftgates and their beds are not shipping dock height.

However, they do move easily through traffic and fit in loading areas that larger trucks cannot – making them perfect for smaller ground expedite shipments.

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Sprinter Vans

Sprinter Vans and Express Cargo Vans

Sprinter vans can typically carry between one and four standard pallets of freight very efficiently due to their interior width, up to about 3500 pounds. Their volume is also effective for loose or unpalletized freight. If it fits, it ships. Since there is no additional handling in transit, this allows stacking to the vehicle’s ceiling if necessary. Sprinter van cargo space is easily loaded or unloaded either by hand or forklift, but their beds are not shipping dock height. Your dedicated expeditor will take these factors into account when determining if a Sprinter van is the right choice for you.

Straight Trucks

Expedited Straight Trucks

Like the other vehicles detailed here, straight trucks – also called box trucks – are built to accommodate the most common type of freight and more. They have large rectangular cargo areas for shipping, come in a variety of lengths and heights, and are able to carry ten standard pallets and up to 12,500 pounds. Perfect for larger loads and longer distances, many straight trucks often do have power liftgates and are shipping dock height, making them a versatile ground expedite option.

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Tractor Trailers

Expedited Truckloads

When you absolutely need heavy freight moving capability, nothing beats a tractor trailer. Able to carry 26 standard pallets and up to 45,000 pounds, these trucks can carry a heavy load for same day service or go for the long haul. Expedited teams are a great option over regional and cross-country distances. For a ground expedite service solution, a team of two drivers keeps the truck moving around the clock. When one driver runs out of hours, another driver in the cab immediately takes over so your shipment never stops.

How We Serve You is an experienced provider of same day and expedited ground transportation, and same day air freight services. We understand the complexities and challenges in today’s rapidly changing shipping environment.

Business is unpredictable, but with, you’ll always get the same premier service you expect and demand. When it comes to your same day air charter, we work to eliminate the unexpected and the unknown through careful planning and logistics. At, you can depend on our team of charter experts to move any air freight shipment - including oversized cargo, high-value cargo and more.

We use a comprehensive strategy built on logistics fundamentals to keep your freight moving and you in the loop at all times:

  • Always free quotes – Our free quotes list every cost with no hidden fees. You’ll have a clear idea of exactly how much you will pay. You’ll know immediately if a specific option is the right one for your shipment – or not. If that’s the case, we will find you an alternative that is.
  • Forward planning – We analyze traffic patterns, road construction, track flight schedules, weather reports and other details of each possible route, choosing the one least likely to encounter a delay.
  • Total tracking – We use the latest in tracking technology to always know where your shipment is at all times. If a delay arises, we’ll know about it and work to minimize any schedule impacts.
  • Trusted partners – carefully evaluates and vets each logistics partner, ensuring they have a proven track record of delivering safely and on schedule. We have a similar vetting process for drivers who carry your items to and from the airport. We only work with trucking staff who are responsible, courteous, and committed to meeting deadlines without compromising safety.
  • Persistent teamwork – Your dedicated expeditor is available 24/7/365 and able to answer any questions you have. You’ll work with the same expeditor through the entire logistics chain, ensuring consistent communication, eliminating misunderstandings, and improving the quality of your entire shipping experience. That’s the white glove service we demand from ourselves and you should expect.

On time, same day air and ground expedited shipping is accomplished with laser-focused attention to detail and follow-through. We execute plans that guarantee same day ground services are supported by time-effective options whether the final destination is a oil field, production line or airport.

With, enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. We have extensive expertise handling critical needs for companies of all sizes, ages, and industries. That’s why some of the largest names in business trust to meet their urgent shipping deadlines with our ground expedite service.

For more details about any of our shipping solutions, contact us today at (800) 734-7750.

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