Same day - hand carry services from

If sending your time-sensitive critical shipment out the door gives you separation anxiety, then perhaps same day - hand carry service from will put your mind at ease.

Same day air speed partnered with the security of a courier hand carry ensures your freight arrives at its final destination on time and into the waiting hands of your intended recipient. While this option is not typically available for larger freight, it is the perfect solution for smaller cargo. Large or small, handles them all throughout North America and across multiple industries. Still wondering if hand carry service is right for you? Read on for examples of how the same day air advantage and courier hand carry can work for your freight, and how works as your trusted logistics partner.

A Simple Solution for a Complex World

Same day hand carry service from is designed to get critical and time-sensitive shipments out the door, into the air, and delivered by the time you specify. The concept is simple and straightforward because we handle all the pieces of the logistics chain so you don’t have to. One call from you is all it takes to set the entire process in motion and we make it run like clockwork from pickup to delivery.

Sometimes shipments absolutely need that personal touch. Same day hand carry service from is a logistics solution for transport of confidential documents, packages, or media which are small, high-value, and extremely time-sensitive. An individual courier escorts the documents, goods, or other media on the next flight out either on their person or in their baggage. Upon arriving at their destination, the courier then hand-delivers it to the recipient. This level of service provides an extra level of security and peace of mind when a face-to-face transfer is desired or necessary.

Same Day Hand Carry

Once your order is placed, we will send an exclusive courier vehicle to retrieve your shipment to get it to the hand carry courier at the airport. Depending on your requirements, the courier either boards an aircraft chartered just for your freight, or hops on the next flight out from the closest airport with flights to or near your final destination. The hand carry courier maintains contact with your shipment at all times, providing security, confidentiality, communications, and rapid transport of your freight. After landing, the courier disembarks and hands the shipment off to the receiving party, or puts it onto another exclusive courier vehicle for last mile transit and drop off. Simple, right? It can be with the right logistics partner, and that partner is

Many Moving Parts – One Expeditor

Hand Carry Expeditor

You might think that with all of these parts to same day hand carry service you’ll have to work through multiple expeditors. We’re pleased to inform you that you won’t. Once you’ve started your order either on the phone or online, you’ll work with the same experienced expeditor from start to finish. Your expeditor will handle all of your shipment details, from the courier pickup, booking the charter or next flight out, scheduling the hand carry courier who physically carries your freight, tracking the status of your shipment, to the last mile delivery courier. One point of contact is part of’s white glove service that is the same for every business partner we work with, and for every order we successfully complete. It’s the only “same” thing about us and how we work – and we like it that way. When you work with one expeditor from start to finish, it ensures consistent communication, eliminates misunderstandings, doesn’t waste your time or ours, and improves the quality of your entire shipping experience. Our many satisfied business partners really like this, and we think you will too.

Continuous Surveillance

  • The most important information for any same day hand carry shipment is its location. Where is it? Is it on time?
  • At we continuously monitor the status of your shipment, not just to monitor its progress, but to proactively mitigate any unforeseen delays that come up.
  • If a flight gets rerouted, we’ll know about it and either have it booked on the next available flight or have a ground courier ready to receive it.
  • Is there heavy traffic between the pickup point and the airport? We work to reroute the courier vehicle around the congestion.
  • By using satellite tracking, GPS, RFID, email, text, and phone, we are able to tell you where your shipment is 24/7/365, which – by the way - is exactly when you can call us for information, status, and questions.
  • For all of our same day air and hand carry services we ensure nothing stands in the way of delivering your shipment on time.
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Why Same Day Hand Carry?

High-value and urgent shipments from all kinds of industries can benefit from the rapid transport enabled by same day hand carry services. has extensive experience providing same day hand carry services to many of the largest and well-known companies across a broad range of businesses and industries.

These are just a few brief examples of how hand carry services can work for you:

  • Aerospace - Don’t let small parts, equipment or documentation keep your aircraft grounded! A same day hand carry courier can get you back in the air and into revenue service.
  • Automotive - Production line stalled? When supply chain crises arise, our same day air charters and onboard couriers can rapidly deliver parts to get your assembly line moving again – on time.
  • Construction - You’ve got milestones to meet, so keep your crews and equipment moving. Deliver parts, permits, and papers with same day hand carry service.
  • Corporate/Legal - Overcome objections, seal the deal, and meet the burden of proof by delivering time-critical confidential documents when and where you need them.
  • Energy - Line down scenarios keeping your customers in the dark? Pumps not pumping? Move small equipment and parts to keep the heartbeat of business and industry humming.
  • Fashion - Deliver samples, swatches, and entire ensembles for fashion shows or just to that one special client who needs it now.
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical - When lives are on the line, let move your samples, specimens, research papers, equipment and more.
  • Technology/Telecommunications - Protect and secure delicate prototypes, thumb drives, circuit boards, and other sensitive electronics with the personal touch of a same day hand carry courier.
  • Trade Shows & Product Rollouts - Concerts, conventions, sporting events, auto shows – you name it, we can transport it. Get your products, samples, displays, and other equipment in place, undamaged, and on time.

Getting It There

Providing on time same day hand carry services is no sleight-of-hand trick. It depends on access to the right vehicles at the right time, careful planning, and the expert know-how of a dedicated expeditor. Fortunately, can tap into thousands of aircraft and vehicles that are ready to go at a moment’s notice to safely deliver your shipment.

Private flights on a air charter for same day hand carry service provides the exclusivity and speed you need to hit those critical deadlines. Air charters offer complete shipment flexibility from departure time to final destination, without having to wait for someone else’s shipment to load and unload. Your hand carry courier and freight are the only items aboard!

Air Charter

Same day air charters are one of the fastest hand carry shipping options available and include in-flight tracking, so you’ll always know your airplane’s status. charter specialists match your payload with a right-sized aircraft for the most effective solution that meets your delivery deadline.

Next flight out (NFO) service from is an option that guarantees delivery of shipments in the shortest possible time. Your logistics specialist will find the nearest airports for the hand carry courier’s departure and arrival, then determine the best flight to meet your needs.

Next Flight Out

A driver will pick up your shipment and take it to the airport. When the flight lands, the hand carry courier delivers it to the waiting recipient or to another driver who delivers it to its final destination.

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Same Day Air Hand Carry Services

Successful same day air hand carry services are only accomplished with detailed planning, follow-through, and execution. We develop plans that guarantee same day hand carry services are supported by time-effective options whether the final destination is a home, a business or even the middle of nowhere.

Choosing the right same day hand carry logistics partner is an important business decision. With, experience the confidence that comes from an expert delivery plan and working with a dedicated expeditor from start to finish. For more information, contact us today at (800) 734-7750 or simply start your order online. We look forward to exceeding your expectations of what same day hand carry service can do for you!