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When you work with, you benefit from the collective logistics experience, reach, and strength of The Expedited Group of companies.

The Expedited Group not only includes, but also,,,,, and By providing premium logistics services across the entire shipping spectrum, The Expedited Group of companies can handle everything from a shipping crisis to upgrading your standard freight service.

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The Expedited Group

Expedited Cargo Services Across Industries and Borders

The Expedited Group services leading companies across a wide variety of industries, including construction, heavy machinery, oil and gas, electrical, packaging, printing, chemicals, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and many more. With a nationwide fleet network of over 50,000 vehicles and aircraft that can be dispatched within minutes, The Expedited Group of companies provides expedited cargo service across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Trust the Expedited Group for Same Day Shipments

Whether it’s working through or another logistics company within The Expedited Group, experience the peace of mind and confidence of knowing your same day air and expedited ground shipments are being handled by seasoned logistics professionals with experience and contacts across the entire logistics chain.

Consistent Excellence Across All Shipments

Not every shipment is the same, but regardless of its size, shape, or destination, you’ll get the same outstanding service and support every time you work with The Expedited Group. Read on to learn more about us and how we partner with you to be your logistics provider of choice.

Working with is more than just putting a box or pallet on a flight. provides a seamless logistics network of air and ground shipping options, comprehensive and accurate quotes, and superior customer service from the moment you call until long after your shipment reaches its final destination. You can trust to deliver your air freight, quality service, customer satisfaction, and an enduring business partnership you can depend on.

Our dedicated expeditor team is comprised of experienced logistics professionals who understand every aspect of air cargo shipping and can support the unique shipping needs of your business. We utilize charter air carriers, next flight out service, and scheduled flights to deliver your time-critical consignments, heavy and outsize equipment, humanitarian aid, and all other types of freight. also handles all necessary ground transportation arrangements, from initial pickup to drop off. We can arrange dedicated courier vans, box trucks, and tractor trailers to get your freight to and from the airport. From automotive components and manufacturing materials to energy industry structures and life-saving supplies, we create air freight solutions that ensure all your shipments reach their final destination safely, intact, and on schedule.


In any delivery situation, having options and executing to a plan are the keys to success. That’s why with, our mission is to provide customers with tailored shipping solutions, from overnight freight to same day freight and everything in between. We offer full truckload services to destinations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We have over 50,000 expedited freight vehicles ready to go nationwide, including cargo and Sprinter vans, small and large straight trucks, and flatbed trucks—often using driver teams to keep your shipment moving nonstop.

Special equipment is available to provide expedited trucking with a full range of commodity transport options, including flat beds, refrigerated units, roller beds and step decks. All utilize the latest logistics and satellite tracking technology to ensure you know the status of your shipment every step of the way. With real-time delivery updates and 24-hour customer support and service, your shipment will get there—when and where you need it.


As a third-party logistics provider (3PL), utilizes everything from charter flights to dedicated trucks and vans to provide effective shipping solutions that meet your delivery schedule. Combining shipments, coordinating with carriers, planning for deliveries, and streamlining operations can be a daunting task for any company, requiring significant time and resources to do efficiently. By utilizing a 3PL partner such as, you can free up staff and resources while we handle all your shipping requirements.

ET is a truckload broker, which means we pair your business with the most effective, trusted full truckload carriers in the industry. We provide fast, dependable full truckload carriers for time-critical large shipment delivery needs for businesses of all sizes and across all industries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With on-time expedited full truckload shipping services for large equipment, palletized freight, and more, you can trust and depend on the experienced experts at


No matter the size of the load, provides hot shot trucking services and transportation options to handle it. We safely and effectively handle wide loads, mega-sized loads, industrial machinery, plant equipment, and urgent freight for the energy sector, construction industry, automotive manufacturers, and more. Along with versatility, provides unrivaled reliability and flexibility. Need freight moved before 8 a.m.? We’ll be there before breakfast. We're not restricted by weight limitations and can deliver your machinery, equipment, and parts across the country or state, or to the other side of the country. We will pick up and deliver your freight according to your specific scheduling requirements while helping you meet critical deadlines. From local hot shot loads to cross-country deliveries or shipments across North America, is the only name you need.

HST is a trusted premier provider of same day air and ground-based logistics services. Wherever it's going and whenever it needs to be there,’s expansive range of airborne transport options and experienced expeditors make it happen every day. Industries including oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and everything in between work with us to keep their production lines running, fuel flowing, humanitarian aid moving, and medicines healing through the delivery of time-sensitive parts and products. When it comes to air power, there’s nothing the same about We pride ourselves on providing customized same day air solutions for every client. If you don’t see the exact service you want or need, simply discuss it with your expeditor. As your complete logistics solution, has the experience, industry know-how, and contacts to create the perfect plan for you.


When standard ground services can’t handle your same day shipping on time, there is no comparison to the same day delivery services offered by Our mission is to provide reliable, secure, and scalable last-mile delivery solutions for every business partner.

We understand critical same day requirements and move quickly to ensure a fast pickup at the location you designate. Getting your delivery to its destination on time and safely, while keeping you informed throughout the entire logistics chain, is our top priority. Using dedicated vehicles for unrivaled reliability, we have nationwide coverage through our fleet of drivers and vehicles to meet your most important delivery deadlines. During the delivery, we work to ensure a time-definite delivery window is met and that your shipment arrives on time, period.

Successful deliveries are only achieved through careful planning. Our expeditors work with you to develop a delivery plan that guarantees same day services are successful whether the final destination is a home, business, or industrial site. Choosing the right same day shipping partner is a critical business decision. With, experience the confidence that comes from a delivery plan designed by an experienced expeditor from beginning to end.


The Expedited Group: Moving Your Freight, Fast!

The Expedited Group is a combined force of best-in-class, premium freight service providers that covers all of North America. Founded in 2007 by Dan Boaz, this company changed how third-party logistics providers used the Internet and other advanced technologies to improve the entire customer shipping experience while increasing quality and convenience. The Expedited Group revolutionized the world of transportation and logistics by offering something no other freight shipper can: the most highly relevant search results in the industry.

By being everywhere on the Web, The Expedited Group’s companies remain easy to find while reaching the broadest customer base possible. With so many shipping Web domains available, it has greatly simplified coordinating distinct freight services for many different types of customers. The Expedited Group has rapidly gained market share against competitors by providing on-time same day and next day services for critical freight shipments, outstanding one-on-one customer support with dedicated and experienced expeditors, and top placement of premier Internet domains. Call us now at (800) 734-7750, 24/7/365, or start your order online and let the professionals at The Expedited Group of companies make it happen for all of your same day and expedited shipping needs.

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