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From the moment you call for next flight out service, we know the clock is ticking.

Depending on your location, we can often get a dedicated courier to you within 30 to 60 minutes. There are three distinct segments to same day air and next flight out service from Each one must be coordinated with the other to ensure flawless performance and on-time delivery. It’s easy to gloss over these individual parts of the logistics chain, but we know how important each one is for the entire shipping process. We work to ensure there are no delays at any point during your freight’s journey. 

How It Works

However, if the unexpected does happen, we are there 24/7/365 to mitigate, reroute, and reschedule in part or in whole to meet your delivery deadlines. Here’s how all the pieces fit together.

Next Flight Out

Courier Pickup

With a network of over 50,000 vehicles throughout North America, is able to send the most optimized one to you for your specific freight. These include standard cargo vans, Sprinter vans, straight trucks, and tractor trailers. Need a specialized vehicle for oversized freight? We handle that too. Yours is the only freight aboard the courier vehicle, so it won’t be stuck waiting to pick up someone else’s shipment or experience any cross-docking or hot-swapping.

Hand-carry, white-glove concierge service, and extra security are also available - paired with continuous tracking capabilities - to ensure total freight security and integrity. Once loaded, your freight heads directly to the nearest airport with flights at or near its final destination. Upon arrival at the airport, your shipment is unloaded from the courier vehicle and tendered to the appropriate air cargo service. We can also arrange for a receiving agent to meet the courier and confirm your freight gets aboard the next flight out both safely and securely.

Delivery Flight

Next Flight Out Shipment

According to recent numbers from the FAA, there are 44,500,000,000 pounds of air freight delivered annually across 45,000 average daily commercial flights in the U.S. At we leverage those flights and our extensive logistics experience to find the optimal next flight out carrier, aircraft, and route for your specific freight. We work with carriers using everything from small, short-haul turboprops to Boeing 747’s. Sometimes that means flying out of a major airport hub, and for others it means smaller regional airports. We do all the legwork to determine which routes land the closest to your freight’s final destination, balanced with departure times and aircraft capabilities, then proactively keep you informed every step of the way from wheels up to landing.

In the rare cases a flight transfer is needed, we handle that too - seamlessly. Going airborne doesn’t mean going dark. invests in the latest tracking technology to know exactly where your freight is at all times. If a flight is diverted, we’ll immediately know about it and ensure a courier is standing by at the new destination or get your freight rerouted as necessary. Just like with the courier pickup, hand-carry, white-glove concierge service, and extra security are also available. Want someone sitting with your freight on the flight? makes that happen. All of these logistical details are expertly handled by your dedicated, highly experienced expeditor, who will work to ensure a smooth flight for your freight. Have a question about a specific service you don’t see here? Just ask! At last, your freight’s flight lands safely and taxis to the gate. The clock is still ticking, so here’s what happens next.

Courier Delivery

Next flight out freight is loaded last at the departure point and unloaded first at the receiving airport, shaving critical minutes off the transfer between the airplane and the waiting courier. Once your freight has been conveyed to the receiving courier, it hits the road immediately for delivery at its final destination either the same or next day depending on your requirements. With identical service as the courier pickup, yours is the only freight aboard the vehicle.

Special vehicle requirements or handling equipment are already in place thanks to your dedicated expeditor. Hand-carry, white-glove concierge service, and extra security are again also available, along with the continuous tracking you’ve come to expect from Finally, through detailed logistical planning and follow through, your next flight out freight is delivered to its final destination – on time. Success!

Why You Need It

Next Flight Out Services

Next flight out services from are an excellent option to rapidly move your freight over long distances in the shortest amount of time.

It is much faster than ground transportation alone.

While not a direct air charter, it does get your shipment out the door with a dedicated courier and onto an airplane in short order.

These are just a few examples of how many industries use next flight out services from

Medical/Pharmaceutical Delivery

Deliveries of medical equipment, specimens, vaccines, medicines, and samples often can’t wait for regularly scheduled air service or slower ground transport. With next flight out, they get critical medical supplies to hospitals and clinics as soon as possible, helping medical personnel save lives and provide crucial care.

Auto Industry

When waiting for automotive or equipment parts brings your production line to a grinding halt, next flight out services gets your essential parts to you faster than ground transport alone. With every minute of downtime hitting the bottom line, you absolutely can’t afford to go slow. Call us now and your dedicated courier will burn rubber to get your shipment to the airport – figuratively speaking of course.

Oil and Gas

Much like other industries, the energy sector is significantly impacted when equipment goes down. Wells, pumps, pipes, and everything else that’s needed to keep oil and gas moving are all exposed to rugged conditions conducive to parts failures. When operations can’t wait, next flight out service can get your energy production back online.

Trade Shows, Conventions, and Product Rollouts

Image is everything, so get your products, displays, and other equipment in place, undamaged, and on time. Need special handling for fragile electronics or other delicate freight? We’ve got you covered. You’ll be the star of the show when you have everything you need for success right at your fingertips thanks to next flight out service from

Freight Delivery has the network and logistical experience to handle same day and next day delivery of pallets, cargo, and freight, delivered to any North American destination quickly through next flight out service.

Airlines and Aerospace

Sometimes even airlines and the aerospace industry can use a little extra air power. Get grounded airplanes repaired and back into revenue service with parts delivered via next flight out. From overhead bins to orbital assets, is a proven solution for some of the largest aerospace companies, their prime subcontractors, even down to the smallest sub-tier supplier.

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Next Flight Out Superior Service

Your business may never be the same from day to day, but at, you can count on the same quality, service and professionalism every time you call. It’s the only thing “the same” about us!

From our customized next flight out services, around-the-clock support and shipment tracking, to the dedicated expeditor you work with from start to finish, you can depend on to get your freight delivered on time – every time.

You get many advantages when you choose’s next flight out services:

  • An optimized, exclusive courier to meet your shipment’s needs. We use our industry expertise to match your shipment with the rightsized courier vehicle. If any special equipment or handling is needed, we cover that too.
  • One of the fastest delivery options possible. Next flight out services are some of the quickest shipping methods available, period.
  • Major hub to remote spoke destination capability. From the biggest and busiest commercial airports to the smallest single runway operation,’s next flight out service finds the most effective and efficient flights for your freight.
  • Total shipment flexibility. With virtually no limitations on shipment size, we handle all the details so you don’t have to, from pickup to delivery, loading zone to runway.
  • Complete in-flight and on-ground tracking. You’ll know where your freight is at all times, whether it’s on the ground or in the air.
  • White glove customer service. Work with one dedicated expeditor through the entire logistics chain. Your expeditor will create customized next flight out solutions for you, then ensure your freight gets safely where it needs to be. You won’t get passed from person to person or have to waste your time explaining your shipment requirements to someone new.
  • 24/7/365 availability, support, and coverage. Your freight can’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. If you wake up at 2 a.m. and want to schedule next flight out service, just call us or go online. We’ll be ready.

Don’t let freight frustration undermine business performance or customer confidence. Call us now at (800) 734-7750  or enter your order online.

No prior account needed or required! Let your freight emergency be our business as usual and trust next flight out services from